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Megan's Profile

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Age: 9
Grade: 3rd
Number of years on the team: 1
What did you learn in FLL this year? I learned what bottom trawling is, that some energy comes from the ocean, about invasive species, fossil fuels and how to do a Google search! Also, I learned how to build and program a robot.
What did you work on most this year? I did a little bit of everything.
What is your favorite mission and why? My favorite mission is the dolphin and pipeline. I think it is the simplest program to run and to do.
What are your other hobbies and/or interests? Reading, Girl Scouts, camping, roller blading and ice skating. I also like going to the movies and to amusement parks.
Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? I have two older siblings who are on the Mindstorms Mayhem team and I got to watch them compete in Atlanta last year! I have two cats, Liberty and Justice; two guinea pigs, Rose Bud and Napoleon; and a hamster named Winky Twinkles.